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Features & Benefits

Initiate’s trusted tools build knowledge and confidence. We’ve used our decades of experience in blended learning to build a modernized approach that emphasizes both the power of learning and the power of leading.


Initiate provides advisors with the tools and resources needed to help customers as they launch and grow their businesses. We focus on the topics small business owners need most - Startup, Money, Marketing, and Management.  We know that no two businesses are alike. No two advisors are either. Initiate is flexible and loves to adapt to different learning and teaching styles. Every resource in Initiate is in English and Spanish/Todos los recursos están en inglés y español.


Develop and track action plans for your learners. Assign Initiate resources and modules, as well as other action items to be completed outside of Initiate. Track the progress of each task to see who is working on it, what has been completed, and what is still outstanding. This helps ensure that all learners are aware of their responsibilities and are making progress towards their goals.


Admins can easily invite users and assign them roles. They can also tie learners to advisors for easier management and tracking. Additionally, admins can access and export utilization data for users of Initiate. This data includes information such as how often users log in, open and complete action items, hours of training, and profile information. Initiate’s API features allow you to integrate directly into your CRM streamline your workflow.


Premium subscribers are part of our advisor network, sharing best practices and learning new features, in meetings six times a year. Managing assignments, tracking and uploading work can be done from a single location, with learners able to download templates and upload finished work. With an optional feature, organizations can add their own content, including templates, videos, and resource links.

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